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Kellgard Wisdom

Questions to Ask us Before Your Project Begins

Not only is remodeling your home a large financial investment it is also an emotional one.  With all financial and emotional investments comes a sacrifice of your time especially if you wish to be involved in the decision-making process.  Kellgard Contracting wants to make sure you are fully educated on what to expect BEFORE your project begins. Today we are going to review the most important customer concerns all contractors should address prior to a project’s start.

  1. Who Will be in Your Home- Kellgard will introduce you to the crew assigned to your project either before it begins or on the day the project begins. Ken Gardner will be present on your project throughout its entirety ensuring it is going smoothly and without qualm.  Kellgard Contracting also has designated field managers whom walk the jobs daily to support our crews while also tracking job progression. Each member of our team goes through a thorough background check and carries worker’s compensation insurance.
  2. What is Your Schedule- Once we have given you an estimate on your project and you are in acceptance, Ken Gardner will provide you with a time frame of the project’s completion. In the event Kellgard Contracting encounters an unforeseen issue while working on your project you will be notified immediately. A common example of this is rotting subflooring that could not been seen upon initial estimate. Our office manager also tracks every project’s progression and makes periodic contact with our customers, so everyone is always on the same page.
  3. How can You Communicate with Kellgard- We provide every customer with our personal cell phone #’s, work emails, Facebook Messenger Name, and Office number. There is never a time you cannot call or email us.  We take calls 24-7 and pride ourselves on returning messages by close of business the day you reached out. We also schedule in person meetings during your project at your discretion.
  4. What Documentation Will You Receive- After we complete your in-home estimate, Ken Gardner and/or Tiffany Markuski will present you with a Kellgard Contracting Folder. Within this folder is a copy of your estimate, the scope of the project, the crew leader’s name/number, and our contract. At the completion of your project you will receive your one-year warranty document which states you are satisfied with your project and Kellgard Contracting agrees to warranty your project for one year from the date of that document.

Of course, there are many more questions and concerns that arise during a remodeling project and we welcome those as well!  We encourage you to at least ask the above questions to any contractor you may be considering and as always, we are here not only to help, but to listen!